Corporate Profile

Akwaaba Mining Ltd. (TSX-V: AML) is a Canadian-based junior exploration company focused on advancing greenfields and early stage gold projects. The Company holds a strategic 141 square kilometer land package; Kunsu prospecting license, strategically placed on the Asankragua Manso Nkwanta gold belt in Ghana, West Africa.

On February 22, 2019 the Company commenced on an approved 145 days follow-up staged exploration exercise that will comprise a geophysical survey, trenching and drilling work program that focuses on the North Grid zone of the property. The exercise has been designed to in the end deliver to Akwaaba information on the extent and prospectivity of gold mineralization and to provide reliable and sufficient data to define an inferred resource base.

Historic reconnaissance drilling within the North grid anomaly, followed-up by limited supplemental due diligence field work as carried out by Geoman Consult in 2018 include:

  • 4m @ 2.68g/t from 62m in KUDD0002, 2.4m @ 2.41g/t from 37.6m in KUDD0005, 28m @ 5.5g/t from 62m in KURC0021, 20m @ 2.16g/t from 18m in KURC0023 and 36m @ 4.08g/t from 86m in KURC0029;
  • 318.8 m of core diamond drilling of two historical drillhole sites reported Au grades of 3 m @ 1.32 g/t from 88.5 m, 6 m @ 0.45 g/t from 109.5 m including 1.47 g/t at 115.5 m and 1m @24.80g/t at 154.5m in GKUDD001. 5.5 m @ 0.93 g/t from 62 m including 2.34 g/t at 63.5 m and 12.8 m @ 0.42 g/t from 80.5 m including 2m @ 1.35 g/t from 85.5 m in GKUDD002
  • Reopening of 211.9 m of two old trenches of which a total of 178 m sections were sampled, and the excavation of 94.4 m of one new trench (GKUTR003). The notable and significant intersections in the trenches (GKUTR001 and GKUTR002) are: GKUTR001: 16m @ 0.35g/t including 1 m @ 1.30 g/t, and GKUTR002: 65m @ 0.22g/t including 1m @ 5.06 g/t. The new trench results confirm earlier reported results, with even some improvement.

The experienced management team and exploration group have built a systematic approach to understanding the four identified key anomalies on the 141 square kilometer land package. The focus is discovery and definition of +1,000,000 ounces that can be a satellite to an existing site or could be built into a standalone mine.

Akwaaba Mining Ltd. commenced trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on March 9th, 2011.

Akwaaba is a junior exploration company striving to develop a project pipeline of grassroots targets to undervalued deposits in Ghana with the potential for advancing to near term development. The Company endeavours to operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner while continuing to develop working relationships with government officials and members of the local communities.